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Last nights free monthly distant Reiki healing

Last night was the monthly free distant healing group and another great turn out it was, I had some great feedback from the people who received the healing and they left some positive reviews on the social networks.

It is always great to get the feedback and hear the experiences that they felt, it gives the feeling of accomplishment! a job well done, healing to the world has been done.

I had a great sleep myself last night as when i am sending the healing to othere i too receive healing in return so it is a win win all round.

If you would like to receive free distant healing yourself, please sign up to one of my groups below, you can be in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the worl, as Reiki healing is energy and energy can travel, as long as my intentions are set and the receiver is open to accept the healing than all is good, you to can feel the sensations and healing like us all.

if you are on facebook please like our page and join the distant healing group

Facebook business page

The Science of Smudge: 3 reasons to try smudging

Its so important to smudge, especially as a therapist with lots of different people coming into my home. Please read and like. Thank you . Rena

Alison Krywucki

IMG_1723Our ancestors used smoldering bundles of dried herbs, like sage, cedar and lavender, to cleanse areas of negative energy – a practice called “smudging.” Burning these herbs and wafting the incense-like smoke around a space promotes wellness and positivity.

Mystical? Yes, but there’s some real science behind this. We know that the earth is a giant electromagnetic mass and that we are its walking bio-electric beings. In short, smudging is a study in energy and ions.

A unhealthy atmosphere can be attributed to the build-up of positive ions in the air. Positively charged pollutants include harmful airborne particulates such as dust, mold spores, and what you find in cigarette smoke. Electronics like cell phones, computers, and power lines all positively charge the air around us.

There’s more.

Positive ions turn into free radicals as they enter the body, leading to depression, disease… eesh, the list goes on.There are plenty of resources…

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Progressive muscle relaxation & Deep Breathing meditation classes Romford-Pls RSVP


  • Progressive muscle relaxation involves a two-step process in which you systematically tense and relax different muscle groups in the body, this mixed with deep breathing exercisetechniques is an excellent way to relax & reach your higher state of conciousness.

    This meet up is for any one, new or experienced at meditating. Each of you will get out of it what your body requires, whether it’s relaxation, stress relief, peace, to raise your vibration or to be at one with yourself.

    Please note that this meditation class involves a lot of muscle tensing so before practising Progressive Muscle Relaxation, consult with your doctor if you have a history of muscle spasms, back problems, or other SERIOUS INJURIES that may be aggravated by tensing muscles.

    To be held with in a comfortable residential setting, where you will be able to let yourself go, be free and meet like minded individuals. Unlimited tea and coffee will be available. Please RSVP your attendance as spaces are limited. Thank you

    For more information and to RSVP CLICK HERE


Distant healing can be given to anyone willing and open to receiving it any where in the world, as it is energy and energy is all around us, the universe is made up of energy, we are energy, our thoughts, emotions and feeling are energy, All you have to do is, book an appointment time that is convenient for you, make sure you are well hydrated before and after your session, sit or lay in a comfortable place for 15 minutes where you will not be disturbed, meditate, visualise or imagine the energy that is being sent to you, if you struggle to visualise than you can simply say to your self, “I am open to receiving this healing energy that is being sent to me” what ever way is more suited to you, there is no right or wrong way, just your way.

Overall it is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

For a list of all the benefits you can receive from Reiki click here

PLEASE RSVP HERE: with your full name so that i am able to concentrate of sending healing to all individuals.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, I am not qualified to diagnose any condition, If you suspect you have a medical condition that needs a diagnosis, please vist your GP. I do not claim to cure any illness/disease/ailments and I can not guarantee any particular outcome.

For more information or to request a free or a full healing session please call 01708-534-419 or email or visit and fill out the relevant form

Happy New year

I hope  you all had a lovely new year? it was definitely an eventful Christmas and new year in my house hold, lots of food, drink, family, friends and children, i have put on so much weight but enjoyed every moment of it.

Well we are now in 2015 and what a lot I have going on! I have made a deal with myself to do more things that make me happy and to live in the now, as in previous years i have focused more on planning for the future or concerning my self with things from the past, all the while not living in the present and this is really what matters. I’m not saying don’t plan for the future or evaluate the past but in doing this we are forgetting all bout the here and now and missing all the great things that are going on while life just passes us by.

So 2015 is about being happy, spending more time with family and friends and being content with what i have instead of always thinking of tomorrow.

There are a lot of plans i have for this year, new business ventures, workshops, events, holidays and meeting new people. Me and my partner have set up a new “Couples in Touch” social group which is all about progressing as a couple, encouraging other couples to stay in touch with each other by organising events, retreats, socials & workshops which include all of this and i must say it has got off t a great start. Our first meet up is in London on 31st Jan for light dinner & drinks. We hope that we will be able to meet some of you guys at one of these meet ups, so you too can be a part of something great, something that a lot of couples forget to do… communicate and find time to be a couple, without all the dramas of daily life. For more info on this click here:

I have another wellness workshop for women, called “Bringing Sexy Back” its an informal fun workshop for women who have lost their self confidence and need some encouragement to get back to their old self, while meeting like minded individuals. This is taking place in Romford on the 19th Jan, for more information click here:

There will be plenty more events coming up soon including a couples workshop/retreat date TBA , some charity work we will be doing, plus free distant healing sessions, Reiki session and other holistic therapies which are good for the mind, body & soul. for more information on these please click here:

Well here is to 2015 and doing more of what we love. I hope to see you all soon and may 2015 bless you happiness, love, success & good health.



NEW Couples meet up/social/workshops/retreats

IMG_0187 meet up logo


Couples In Touch is a social group created by a couple designed for couples 25 years and over.The meet up consist of different types of social events which is diverse in nature, fulfilling the needs of each individual person regardless of religion or belief. Which consist of

* Social Gatherings & Nights Out
* Day Trips
* Spiritual Meetups
* Non-Spiritual Meetups
* Couples Workshops
* Couples Retreats
* Couples Spiritual Workshops
* Couples Spiritual Retreats
* Confidence Workshops Men/Women
* Charity Work

We welcome all open minded couples, in all locations.

Please join the group by clicking here:

Couples in Touch-Socials/meetups/workshops/retreats

Touch Therapy & Remedy Center Presents

For our first meet up, we thought we would keep it simple, informal and fun! What a better way to get to know people over light dinner and drinks?

There no obligation to eat, you can just drink and be merry. There is food for everyone, steaks, burgers & grills, beers, wine & more.

All taking place at the famous Wolfe’s Bar & Grill in Holborn WC2B . 2 mins from Holborn station

You can eat for under £25-BARGAIN!

Pls RSVP as a table will need to be booked click one of the following links below:

For directions, food & drinks menu please visit:

Wellbeing Workshop-Bringing sexy back


• Is your confidence in need of a boost?
• Have you lost your Va Va Voom?
• Is your relationship in need of spicing up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than come along to the “BRINGING SEXY BACK” workshop.
A informal fun enviroment to meet other like minded individuals who are in the same position as you, learn some sexy tricks and tips on how to keep the spark alive in your relationship, self confidence tips, advice and discussions.

To round it off we will be putting together a simple pole dance routine to boost your confidence and to perform for your partner (OPTIONAL & NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED).
Get the old you back ! Come along and have some fun

Duration: 4 weeks.

Price: £10 each per week


If you are interested call the Touch Therapy & Remedy Center to book your place as spaces are limited.


Hope to see you there.

Homeless Walk Central London

Last night Wed 17/12/14 a group of us all met up in Charing Cross with bags full of presents all wrapped up in christmas paper to hand out to the homeless people in London. What an amazing time i had. Both my partner and myself went and met a lot of like minded amazing people who we will definitely stay in contact with.

The present contained a mixture of hot water bottles, underwear, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, scarfs, chocolates, toiletries, flannels, tooth brush & paste, soap, deodorant, flasks & lots of other things that people need while living on the streets, things we take for granted and don’t give a second thought but to people on the streets anywhere, need all the time and appreciate so much.

It felt so good to hand a present to a homeless person, watch them open it, read the cards and rummage through their gift with the biggest smile on their faces, the look of gratitude was priceless. Some of the people looked a bit intimidated by our approach, but after hearing what we had to say , they smiled at us. I was amazed at how some people was!  a couple of people refused the gift and was happy with what they had, telling us to give to someone else who needed it, told us god bless and we moved on it was brilliant.

Words can not exlain the feeling that goes through your body and the thoughts that go through your mind its exhilarating and was definately the first of many for me.

our group

our group

group organiser Odette

group organiser Odette

group organiser Odette

group organiser Odette

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